General Hospital 2016 bringing on new handsome older male for action,new details. According to a new report from the folks over at Soap Opera Digest, the General Hospital folks have just put out another new casting call for a new handsome male to show up.

The Soap Opera Digest people think that this new guy could be a recast to bring back character, Jeff Webber, but nothing is officially confirmed. Jeff Webber was Elizabeth’s dad and the ex to a couple of ladies: Monica, Heather and Naomi.

General Hospital’s official casting call reads like this: “The show is seeking a male, “late 50’s-early 60’s” who is “ Caucasian, handsome, dynamic, charismatic: for a “major recurring role”.

No other official details were given about this role, or when they will start filming for him, so right now, it’s just pretty much a guessing game. Hopefully, we’ll see some new details arise in the upcoming weeks or months, depending on how soon they want to get this new character rolled out. Anyways, guys, stay tuned.

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