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General Hospital 2016 bringing on new Nelle character for action,new details. According to a new report from the folks over at Soaps In Depth, the General Hospital folks are bringing back actress, Chloe Lanier (left), to portray a new role of a character named Nelle. Nelle is set to make her first appearance in the August 5th, 2016 episode.

Apparently, Chloe had been on the show before, but as a different character named Patricia in the special 52nd Anniversary episode. She did such a good job impressing the General Hospital crew that they decided to bring her back on.

Unfortunately, no other details about her Nelle role have been revealed at this time. However, they did say it’s a contract role, so we’ll be seeing a lot of her.

Chloe Lanier’s acting resume includes roles in Army Wives, CBS’ NCIS, Direct TV’s Kingdom and Stalker. Chloe is supposed to do an interview with the Soaps In Depth people on July 29th, 2016, so maybe we’ll get some new details about her Nelle character at that time. Stay tuned.

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