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General Hospital 2016 Genie Francis Aka Laura Spencer to leave for a while. According to a recent report from the Inquisitr people, we’re going to see actress, Genie Francis (left), step away from her Laura Spencer role on ABC’s General Hospital for a short while.

An official reason as to why Genie is taking this break, hasn’t yet been revealed. She’s expected to be back in late September 2016, so she won’t be gone long at all. As for Laura’s current storyline, she just started a new relationship with Dr. Kevin Collins. However, some recent spoilers revealed that she’s going to confront him about something.

Inquisitr speculates that her short leave could be storyline related in regards to Nikolas or possibly Hayden or Kevin. But they don’t have anything official, so it’s all just speculation at this point. Maybe something official will pop up in a few weeks. Whatever the case, it sounds like she’ll be back before we know it, so no harm done I guess.

Also, as previously reported, we’re expected to see characters: Damian Spinelli and Ted Ashton, return to the scene in September for reason that are not yet known. Stay tuned.

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