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General Hospital 2016 to bring on Nathan West’s Claudette character,new spoiler. According to the folks over at Daytimeconfidential and their sources, the General Hospital peeps are all set to deliver the Claudette character, who is Nathan West’s ex-wife, for some extra spicey drama. They have apparently casts actress, Bree Williamson (left), to play the Claudette role.

Bree has a pretty impressive resume, having appeared in “One Life To Live” until it got the cancellation slap back in 2012. She has also shown up in some prime time slots on NBC’s Chicago Fire and Deception, and SyFy’s Haven. They say that Claudette may give Maxie quite the run for her money when it comes to competing for Nathan’s attention.

Speaking of the Maxie character. As previously reported, the actress that plays Maxie, Kirsten Storms, is about to get temporarily replaced again. No other details of how long or when this will take effect, have been given. Stay tuned.

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