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General Hospital 2016 to replace Kirsten Storms Aka Maxie Jones,new details. According to another report from Daytimeconfidential, there is more drama going on with this General Hospital set as they’re set to replace yet another actor/actress, Kirsten Storms (left), who plays character, Maxie Jones, on the show! They’re currently claiming this is another one those temporary replacements.

Apparently, this has happened before with Kristen Storms, which may lead to a promising outcome. She was replaced back in September 2011 all the way until August 2012 for some type of medical issue. So, yeah. She was off the show for nearly a freaking year in the past. Currently in talks to replace Kirsten this time around, is actress, Molly Burnett.

As previously reported, General Hospital also replaced Tyler Christopher with actor, Nick Stable, which is also being reported as a temporary thing. It is not yet known when these replacements will occur on the actual show, but they are expected to happen soon. Stay tuned.

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