It’s week 2 on Dr. Paul Weston’s couch and if I were to make an early diagnosis, I’d say everyone’s immature and bitchy. Even Paul himself.

On Monday, Paul (Gabriel Byrne) met with Sunil (Irrfan Kahn) and Frances (Debra Winger). Sunil is still working through the major changes in his life. He lost his wife and was basically forced to move from India to New York to live with his son and daughter-in-law.  He doesn’t get along with the daughter-in-law much and we’re not sure why just yet. But it’s starting to seem she’s the root of most of the problems. Sunil told an odd story of running into her while they were both only wearing towels. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. But something strange is going to come up, I’m sure.

Frances is still forgetting her lines. This session she showed Paul an ear piece her director insists she wear to be fed her lines. She says she’ll refuse. Paul seems to believe she’s dropping her lines because of the stress involving her sister’s illness, her divorce and her daughter’s distance. Paul tells Frances that he talked to her sister and learned she had no idea he, her own former therapist, was treating her sister. Frances had claimed she had asked for her sister’s permission.

On Tuesday, Paul meets with Jesse (Dane DeHaan) and his new therapist Adele (Amy Ryan). Jesse, a promiscuous gay teen, is struggling with the idea that his birth mother has recently contacted him. He’s been pretty troubled in the past, selling his medication and have sex with adults who don’t realize he’s a minor. He seems to hate everything,  especially his adopted mother. It looks like he and his bitchy attitude might storm out of Paul’s office every week. That’s going to get old.

Despite rudely dismissing her last week, Paul decided to actually give Adele a shot at treating him. He starts out being t pretty nice to her and ever tells her she was right about some things she said last week. He also tells her that he’s been reading Gina’s book and he’s certain she’s modeled one of her characters after him. Once Adele starts going beneath the surface, Paul lashes out, treating her almost as bad as Jesse treats him.

So those are their problems. But it’s their actions that are really dominating. Frances is a narcissist. She came to Paul for help but snaps at him when he tries. She says horrible things then demands Paul react a certain way. She’s even lied to Paul. Diagnosis: bitch.

Jesse is ridiculous. He’s nasty. He says nasty things. He threatens Paul’s things. He’s always looking for a fight. I know teenagers are angst-ridden, but I’m starting to wonder if that character is laying it on too thick. He needs slapped.

Then there’s Paul. He’s a huge baby when he’s in a session with Adele. He’s constantly insulting her age and experience and every time she gets close to pointing out a fact, he retreats within himself. We learn that Paul’s neurologist did not diagnose him with Parkinson’s and he almost seems disappointed.

Sunil is the only patient who is acting like a patient. He’s revealing details of his life to Paul and actually allowing him to listen. He’s not yelling at him every five minutes or making some insulting psychology or sex joke.

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