As part of my extended coverage in the lead up to the premiere of NBC’s “Kings” I have an on-set discussion for you with one of the series’ stars, Ian McShane. McShane plays the role of King Silas, leader of Gilboa, who takes young David (Christopher Egan) under his wing only to have his throne stolen away, or so the original story goes.

I was lucky enough to have a tour of the set during production of the season finale and it was in between takes that I was suddenly surprised to be standing shoulder to shoulder with McShane. As the tour group was filled with a half-dozen bloggers most of us were too star-struck to react, but thankfully fellow online scribe TV Addict stepped up and broke the silence. He asked McShane, who is widely recognized for his foul-mouthed character on HBO’s “Deadwood”, if he missed the swearing with his new role in the less forgiving network arena. McShane replied, “what the @#$% did he say?”

With the jokes out of the way McShane went on to break “Kings” down into why he feels the series will be successful (“in the tradition of Greek tragedy, a high class soap opera”) and what they’re trying to do with the story. Lucky for you I caught the whole thing on tape so you can listen in, check it out below:

Ian McShane talks NBC’s “Kings” (1min 58secs):

Don’t miss the rest of my “Kings” coverage with the pilot review, Q&A with the cast and creator, and more. This looks to be a series you won’t want to miss.

Kings premieres Sunday, March 15th at 8pm on NBC.

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