Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover showed up online today rockin a red bunny. Earlier today,Lindsay Lohan’s,much awaited, Playboy cover,finally leaked online,and has her sitting on a chair that’s the shape of a red Playboy bunny with her,striking a sexy stair,showing some great cleavage. As previously reported she was paid nearly a million dollars to pose for the popular magazine after turning down their original $500,000 dollar offer.

Lindsay’s publicist said that Lindsay is scheduled to do only one interview to promote her hot,new Playboy spread. Her issue is scheduled to hit newsstands later this month,sometime,and the official cover is expected to arrive on December 15th.

During that time,Lindsay is scheduled to interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her popular talk show to discuss her Playboy layout. Lindsay is not expected to appear fully nude in the shoot,and has been called back to do re-shoots because Hugh Hefner didn’t think she showed enough skin in the first set. It should be interesting. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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