“Mad Men,” Season 4, Episode 2:  “Christmas Comes But Once a Year”

Last week I openly admitted my disappointment for the Season 4 premier of “Mad Men.” The show didn’t redeem itself this week. But I’m willing to accept it for what it is.

It’s becoming clear that none of the questions I had regarding what happened between the jump in time will be answered. And I’m still trying to figure out where Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) is. His name still appears in the credits. Maybe he’ll come to work for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce soon. Someone needs to be there to make Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) squirm. But I was entertained in ways only “Mad Men” knows how. So I’m happy. I’ll no longer complain about the time jump.

Anyway, back to Sunday’s episode. It’s Christmas. Which is weird to watch in August. But it was fun to see. Don (Jon Hamm) is his normal depressing checked out self. He has secretary to shop for his kids. He gets drunk. He flirts with a nurse. He sleeps with his secretary. He degrades his secretary. Ah, 1964. Is it 1970 yet? I want someone to burn a bra on Don’s desk.

Meanwhile, back at the Draper house (I don’t even know Betty’s new last name), the family is Christmas tree shopping. Thally, I mean Sally, runs into that creepy kid Glen from last season. He was the one in love with Betty (January Jones). Oh, you remember, the kid Betty was about to pull a Mary Kay Letourneau on. Anyway, he seems to be Sally’s new boyfriend and he seems to want revenge on Betty and divorced parents in general. He breaks in the house and vandalizes it. Sally seems pleased.

Cut back to the office, it’s Christmas party time. The firm’s most important client (and closet case sadist), Lee (Darren Pettie) from Lucky Strike cigarettes is the guest of honor. Everyone in the firm basically has to bow at his feet and humiliate themselves to make him happy. Joan (Christina Hendricks) even wears her red dress with bows. As if Lee is interested in women. I hate this guy. I’m still mad he got Sal (Bryan Batt) fired last season. It was funny to see Lee cut on Roger Sterling (John Slattery) and force him to wear the Santa costume. Roger deserves it.

Oh. I almost forgot. Office drunk Freddy Rumsen (Joel Murray) is back. He’s sober now. But I bet we can count on another melt down at some point. Maybe he’ll piss his pants again.

I guess before I end my recap I should talk about Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss). I’ll give her my quick Don Draper rundown. Peggy’s got a boyfriend. He looks 12. She’s holding out in the sack. He thinks she’s a virgin but we know she had Pete’s baby. She finally gives in and sleeps with him. It seems she didn’t enjoy it, but why? She’s not your typical 1964 woman. She’ll be the first to burn her bra on Don’s desk.

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