New American Horror Story season 6 Mist spoiler teaser clip released. Recently, FX served up this new, 7th teaser/promo clip (below) for their upcoming “American Horror Story” season 6, and it looks very intense and quite dramatic, showing a very ugly creature crawling from out of the depths of a deep mist, and it definitely doesn’t look like something you don’t wanna mess with.

In the new clip, we see a very hideous-looking creature crawling from out of a foggy mist on some railroad tracks for just a few seconds. After that, they close it out with the premiere date of season 6. Check it out, below.

In related news, TMZ recently captured some set photos , which revealed that the setting for season 6 might be set in Roanoke, the North Carolina colony where 117 people mysteriously vanished in 1590.

Season 6 is currently scheduled to premiere on Wednesday night, September 14th, 2016 at 9pm central time on FX. Stay tuned.

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