New Flash season 3,episode 3 official spoilers,synopsis released by CW. Recently, CBS revealed the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Flash” episode 3 of season 3, and it sounds like we’ll see some very interesting and highly dramatic stuff go down as the city gets terrorized by a meta human that has the ability to control metal!

We’re going to find out that Jesse now has all the powers of a speedster when she shows back up on the scene, and that Wells will want Barry and Caitlin to talk her out of using them, and more. The episode is called, “”Magenta.”

In the new episode 3 press release: Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash are going to be thrilled to reunite with Earth-2 Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Jesse (guest star Violett Beane). Wells will end up confiding to Barry and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) that Jesse has all the powers of a speedster and has been saving people on his Earth.

He will be concerned about her safety and wants them to talk her out of using her powers. In the meantime, Magenta, (guest star Joey King) a new meta who can control metal, is going to terrorize the city.

Armen V. Kevorkian directed the episode, and Judalina Neira & David Kob wrote it. Episode 3 is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, October 18th at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.

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