New Grey’s Anatomy season 13,episode 3 official spoilers,synopsis released by ABC. Recently, ABC delivered the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” episode 3 of season 13, and it sounds like things will get pretty dramatic, intense and very interesting as Arizona gets caught smack dab in the middle of Andrew and Alex’s mess!

A very angry family shows up at the hospital after a car crashes at a funeral! We’re also going to see Maggie and Meredith get some help from Amelia in trying to figure out a solution to a problem, and more. The episode is called, “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker.”

In the new episode 13 press release: A car crash at a funeral, is going to bring a bickering family into the hospital. Back from New York, Arizona will end up caught between Alex and Andrew. While Ben takes on a new parenting role, Amelia is going to help Meredith and Maggie through a problem.

The episode was written by Andy Reaser ,and Rob Corn directed it. Episode 3 is scheduled to air on Thursday night, October 6th at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.

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