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New How To Be Single movie got mixed reviews from top critics. Warner Bros. Pictures released their new comedy flick, “How To Be Single” into theaters today, February 12th, 2016, and all the top movie critics have revealed exactly what they thought about it. It turns out that it was a mixed bag with this one, getting an overall 54 score out of a possible 100 across 24 reviews at

The movie stars: Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson. We’ve added comments from a couple of the critics, below.

Richard Roeper at the Chicago Sun-Times, gave it a very nice 88 grade. He said: “It’s one of the most endearing romantic comedies in recent memory, with some laugh-out-loud dialogue, gorgeous photography and uniformly charming performances from the entire cast.”

Stephen Whitty from the New York Daily News, gave it an 80 score. She said: “This smart, raunchy comedy is a movie aimed at women. Full of frank, just-us-girls talk about men and wicked gags about drunken sex and intimate “landscaping,” it’s probably a poor choice for date night. But it’s a great pick for girl’s night out.”

Leah Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly, gave it a 75 grade, claiming: “How to Be Single is a lot like its Jager-bombing, romance-seeking protagonists: Cute and goofy and kind of a mess.”

Frank Scheck at The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 70 grade. He said: “Much like its characters’ romantic lives, How to Be Single is more enjoyable when it’s being casual.”

Christy Lemire over at, gave it a 63 score. She said: “Think of How to Be Single as a cinematic Whitman’s Sampler: There are enough pieces that work to offset the pieces that don’t.”

Michael Phillips over at the Chicago Tribune, gave it a 63 score. He stated: “Roughly half the scenes are terrible, nervously edited and predictable. The other half transcend the innate shrugginess of the script. At the end there’s a dose of voice-over narration assigned to Johnson that is so, so very Carrie Bradshaw, you half-expect Sarah Jessica Parker to show up with a lawsuit.”

Alonso Duralde from TheWrap, gave it a 60 grade, stating: “The script offers enough laughs to keep the movie from feeling completely disposable…and it outshines many of its genre peers through little touches like not punishing its female characters for enjoying sex and casting Damon Wayans Jr. (as a romantic interest for Alice) in a role in which his race is thoroughly irrelevant.”

Peter Keough over at the Boston Globe, gave it a 50 score, saying: “Exhausting and seemingly endless.”

Mick Lasalle from the San Francisco Chronicle, gave it a 50 score. He said: “How to Be Single is over a half hour before it’s over.”

Nick Schager from Variety, gave it a 50 grade. He said: “Splintered between thinly sketched focal points rather than actually plumbing the real fear, paranoia and elation that come from operating without a romantic partner, How to Be Single never transcends its most sitcom-y instincts.”

Nicolas Rapold over at The New York Times, gave it a 30 grade. He said: “This reheated “Sex and the City” adventure flops, even with Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson hard at work being funny.”

Sara Stewart from the New York Post, gave it a 25 score. She stated: “It will probably not surprise you to learn that this film, generically directed by Christian Ditter (“Love, Rosie”), was written by the people behind 2009’s “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Seven years later, guess what? He’s still not that into you! And I wouldn’t be, either, not with this lot.”

Lastly, Ann Hornaday from the Washington Post, gave it a bad 25 grade as well, claiming: “Ultimately, How to Be Single feels reverse-engineered to justify its ending, which while admittedly gratifying, can’t accurately be described as happy. For that, it would have to be worth the contrivances, cliches and tedium that have gone before.” Stay tuned.

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