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New Mistresses potential season 5 officially getting rid of Karen character,new details. According to a new report from TV Line, it is now official that if Mistresses does get a new season 5 renewal from ABC, that actress, Yunjin Kim (left), who plays character, Karen Kim, will not be returning.

Apparently, the character is really dead even though they teased possible sightings of her, and revealed that her ashes never turned up at the home of her brother in Korea. Then they also showed that weird scene at the end, featuring some other lady turning up at April’s shop and claiming she was Karen.

Well, put your minds at ease, guys. Karen is gone for good if a season 5 is to be. As previously reported, ABC has yet to make a decision about the show’s future. However, this is not a surprise, because they have never given Mistresses an early renewal for all the 4 seasons that they’ve stuck around. The renewal has always been announced like right at the end of September or so.

As for the ratings , the show pulled in 2.6 million viewers for episode 12, which was down from 3.1 million viewers during the season 4 premiere episode. I’m hearing that’s still pretty good for a Summer show, so we’ll see if ABC thinks so too, hopefully in a few short weeks. Stay tuned.

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