New Scream season 3 possible spoiler teasers revealed by the producers. As previously reported, MTV has yet to officially announce a season 3 renewal for “Scream,” but that didn’t stop TV Line from squeezing a few, possible, initial spoiler teasers from showrunners, Michael Gans and Richard Register, in the meantime.

If the show does get renewed for a brand new season 3, we can expect Noah to to be very altered by what has gone down. Anything can happen with Kieran as he’s still very much alive and locked up in prison, and more!

They kicked off the spoiler chat, revealing that Kieran is indeed alive and in prison, which means anything could happen in season 3. They’re also going to struggle with the fact that Audrey set all this drama into motion. Brooke will get heavily effected and changed by the death of her father.

Noah is going to be very altered by the recent events that took place and so will everyone else, but especially Noah. They confirmed that Emma definitely won’t be happy about being the subject of Ms. Lang’s book.

Lastly, they revealed that the note in the tree was a plant to make us think that Brandon James is still alive and kicking. However, they refused to confirm if that’s really the case.

Alright guys, That’s it for now. Remember to keep your fingers crossed for a season 3 renewal, and stay tuned.

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