New Scream season 3 still in question,MTV is undecided. Hey, “Scream” fans. Unfortunately, we can’t give you guys an answer, right now, if your favorite show will be back for a new season 3 as MTV just hasn’t given out any official announcements about it yet.

We can tell you that there is news going around that carries a bad tone for the possible renewal of the show, because it’s bringing in some very low ratings this season.

It’s believed that the low ratings may be due to it airing pretty late at night. The people over at are saying that for a scripted show, the numbers that Scream managed to put up for its 2nd season are very abysmal, especially for a show that airs on a major cable network such as MTV.

The show is also still down in live+same day ratings more than 40% in the demo from season 1, and almost 50% in total viewers. Currently, some hardcore fans have put up a few petition sites to get people to sign up to support its renewal, but if MTV wants to cancel it, I don’t think they will do any good.

I’ve seen these petition sites pop up for other shows in the past, and they never do anything to make a difference. It’s all about business with these networks. Anyways, guys. Just cross your fingers, and stay tuned.

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