New Vampire Diaries season 8 premiere date revealed by CW. Recently, CW dropped their new Fall 2016 premiere dates, revealing when its hit show, Vampire Diaries,” will return with its new season 8. It turns out that we’re going to see it show up quite late. In fact, it’s going to be one of the latest shows to debut its new season!

Season 8 is scheduled to premiere on Friday night, October 21,2016 in their same 7pm central time slot. Then they’re going to air Crazy Ex-Girlfiend to follow in behind it. Apparently, CW is giving its spin-off, “The Originals” a shorter 4th season, so it won’t be back until the midseason.

There’s currently no word on how many episodes it’ll receive, but CW said they only had 10 hours to give to it. So, if that’s really the case, we might only see 10 episode from this season, so that sucks.

In related news, it’s also quite possible that Vampire Diaries season 8, could be the last season. I’ve heard some reports that Nina Dobrev might possibly return, and it was reported that she would only return to wrap up the series, so we’ll have to see how all that plays out.

Anyways, expect to see new spoilers, videos, photos and all that good stuff in the upcoming weeks, especially at the San Diego Comic-Con event in mid-July 2016. Stay tuned.

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