The controversial “Orphan” opens in theaters this week and the only thing more shocking than a little girl named Esther is the fact that there were no reviews for it on rottentomatoes.com. OK, that’s not shocking. Potentially bad movies are rarely screened. In  honor of the latest creepy kid flick, I’ve assembled the top three best:

1. “The Bad Seed” (1956). There’s nothing scarier than an evil kid, except for an evil kid in black and white. Rhoda Penmark is just like every little girl. She’s got braids, pretty dresses and a mean curtsy. Oh and she likes to kill people if she doesn’t get her way.

2. “The Good Son” (1993). Macaulay Culkin is the young sociopath who likes to murder babies and puppies and scare the hell out of Elijah Wood. Even his mother hates him. I guess being left home alone can really mess a kid up.

3. “Children of the Corn” (1984). Ah, it’s a story as old as time –  A town full of evil hick kids overpower their parents and law enforcement and run the town themselves. All that to worship corn. Kids those days. The plot is silly, but I’ve never seen anything scarier than the Isaac and Malachi showdown.

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