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New Empire Season 3 Cookie Spoilers Revealed By The Producer

cookie on empire image

New Empire season 3 Cookie spoilers revealed by the producer. Recently, TV Line dished out some new spoilers for the upcoming “Empire” season 3 in regards to Cookie and a new character, named Angelo Dubois, that’s arriving on the scene, played by actor , Taye Diggs.

It turns out that his character is going to really be into Cookie, and that it may end up being a reason that Cookie tries to move on from Lucious.

These spoilers were revealed by executive producer, Ilene Chaiken, at the recent 2016 Television Critics Association summer press tour. She stated: “His story is all about Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Strain Season 3,Episode 2 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released By FX

New Strain season 3,episode 2 official spoilers,synopsis released by FX. Recently, FX delivered the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Strain” episode 2 of season 3, and it sounds like things will get pretty intense, quite dramatic and interesting as Eph gets wickedly plagued by the Master when he offers to return Zack!

Palmer tries to hunt down answers for Setrakian’s secret strigoi blood treatments. We’re also going to see Dutch worry if she’s any safer after joining back up with some old friends of hers, and more. The episode is called, “Bad White.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Arrow Season 5 Second Spoiler Clip Released


New Arrow season 5 second spoiler clip released. Recently, CW served up this new, 2nd spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Arrow” season 5, and it looks very intense, really interesting and viciously brutal as Oliver is seen getting punched to no end after getting captured!

Team Arrow tries to train some new recruits. Arrow is seen kicking some major butt in a few fight scenes, and more! The clip is titled, “Can’t Be Stopped.”

In the new clip, more heavy and intense fight scenes are spotted Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Empire Season 3 Spoiler Trailer Clip Released


New Empire season 3 spoiler trailer clip released. Recently, FOX dropped this new spoiler trailer (below) for their upcoming “Empire” season 3, and it looks very drama-filled, super intense and quite lively as new performances are spotted going down. Vicious threats are made. Guns get pulled! Fists get thrown, and more! The trailer is titled, “Kill Or Be Killed.”

In the new clip, some major drama is spotted going down as someone threatens to come after the whole Lion family. In one scene ,we see guns getting pulled. The clip also features new musical performances. Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Doctor Strange Possible Spoiler Reveals A Villain Dormammu Appearance

New Doctor Strange possible spoiler reveals a villain Dormammu appearance. According to a new report from, it has recently been revealed that a possible appearance from the iconic vilain, Dormammu, could take place if their intel pans out to be legit. Click Here to Continue Reading »

Once Upon A Time Season 6 Bringing On Captain Nemo To Cause Trouble,New Spoiler

faran tahir image

Once Upon A Time season 6 bringing on Captain Nemo to cause trouble,new spoiler. According to a recent report from Entertainment Weekly, the Once Upon A Time season 6 crew has hired actor, Faran Tahir (left), to come on and portray the famous Captain Nemo role from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

And from the sounds of his description, we’re going to see him give Hook some problems as his storyline progresses. Captain Nemo is described as “the hardened leader of the Nautilus submarine, who’s a zealous believer in a cause that takes him from 20,000 leagues Click Here to Continue Reading »

New The Mechanic 2 Resurrection Movie Got Mixed Reviews From Top Critics

mechanic 2 movie poster image

New The Mechanic 2 Resurrection movie got mixed reviews from top critics. Lionsgate released their new hardcore action flick, “The Mechanic 2: Resurrection” into theaters today, August 26th, 2016, and a couple of the critics chimed in with their reviews.

Actually, only about 5 of them did, and among those five, were some pretty mixed opinions, resulting in an overall 49 score out of a possible 100 across 5 critic reviews at The movie stars: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh and Tommy Lee Jones. We’ve added comments from a couple of the critics, below.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety, gave it an ok 70 score, stating: “In “Mechanic,” [Statham’s] a mechanic of murder, of escape, of ingenuity, of combat. Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Flash Season 3 Second Spoiler Teaser Clip Released


New Flash season 3 second spoiler teaser clip released. Recently, CW dropped this new, 2nd spoiler teaser clip (below) for their up coming “The Flash” season 3, and it looks quite action-filled and very intriguing as we see glimpses of Barry revealing the altered Flashpoint timeline, trying to find out what year it is at one point, and interacting with the very serious and rich version of Cisco. Check it out, below. The clip is titled, “Time Strikes Back.”

In the new clip, we see a couple of new scenes with Barry trying to ask his father what year is it, since he’s been jumping through time a lot in this new Flashpoint storyline. Click Here to Continue Reading »

Days Of Our Lives 2016 Bringing Back Laura Horton Character In September

laura horton image

Days Of Our Lives 2016 bringing back Laura Horton character in September. According to a new report from Soap Opera Digest, actress, Jaime Lynn Bauer (left), is set to return to the “Days Of Our Lives” screen as character, Laura Horton, in the Friday, September 2nd, 2016 episode.

It wasn’t revealed how long she’ll be sticking around, but Jamie did comment about her return during an interview with them. She told them: “I had dialogue and scenes I could sink my teeth into.”

The last time we saw Laura Click Here to Continue Reading »

General Hospital 2016 Genie Francis Aka Laura Spencer To Leave For A While

laura spencer image

General Hospital 2016 Genie Francis Aka Laura Spencer to leave for a while. According to a recent report from the Inquisitr people, we’re going to see actress, Genie Francis (left), step away from her Laura Spencer role on ABC’s General Hospital for a short while.

An official reason as to why Genie is taking this break, hasn’t yet been revealed. She’s expected to be back in late September 2016, so she won’t be gone long at all. As for Laura’s current storyline, she just started a new relationship Click Here to Continue Reading »