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New Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Spoiler Teasers Revealed By A Castmember

New Grey’s Anatomy season 13 spoiler teasers revealed by a castmember. Recently, TV Line chatted up Grey’s Anatomy Amelia Shepherd star, Caterina Scorsone (left), and she dropped a few, new spoiler teasers that we can expect to see go down in the upcoming season 13. It turns out that season 13 is going to pick up right where season 12 left off.

Caterina was preggers when they started filming season 13, so they will be hiding her baby bump for a couple of episodes. Amelia and Owen won’t be seen much to start off the season.

They’ll be supposedly busy somewhere else, Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Devious Maids Season 5 Currently Questionable,Lifetime Undecided

New Devious Maids season 5 currently questionable,Lifetime undecided. Hey, “Devious Maids” fans. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to confirm with you guys, tonight, if your favorite will be back for a new season 5 as Lifetime has not come out with an official renewal announcement for the show. Actually, this is not uncommon as Lifetime didn’t reveal that season 4 was a go until September of last year.

So, if history repeats itself, we should probably expect to hear something from Lifetime about Devious Maids new season, next month. There are reports that the show has been receiving consistent low ratings, which is not good if you’re looking for a renewal. Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Rogue One Celebration Movie Trailer & Featurette Clip Released

rogue one movie poster image

New Rogue One Celebration movie trailer & featurette clip released. Recently, Warner Bros, Pictures dropped this new Celebration movie trailer/featurette clip (below) for their upcoming sci-fi/action flick, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and it looks pretty cool, showing us a lot special effects and “behind the scenes” footage.

Some hardcore fight scenes are shown going down, along with some major explosion shots. It definitely looks like it’ll offer up some extreme and suspenseful moments. Check it out, below.

The movie stars: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Click Here to Continue Reading »

New 100 Season 4 First Spoiler Teaser Trailer Clip Released

1004trailer 1

New 100 season 4 first spoiler teaser trailer clip released. Recently, CW dropped the new, first teaser trailer/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming season 4 of their hit drama, “The 100.” And it looks very intense, mostly showing us action from the past season. Then it caps off with a brief clip from the actual, upcoming season 4. Check it out, below.

In the clip, the first 3:15 seconds is basically what they’re calling a sizzle reel, showing us what has already gone down on the show. Then after that, they showed us a very brief look at a clip from the new season 4. Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Doctor Strange 2nd Movie Trailer Released

doctor strange movie poster image

New Doctor Strange 2nd movie trailer released. Recently, Walt Disney Pictures dropped this new, 2nd movie trailer (below) for their upcoming sci-fi/thriller flick, “Doctor Strange,” at the big 2016 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA.

And it looks extremely cool, featuring awesome special effects as the doctor learns how access the secret world of mysticism to allow him Click Here to Continue Reading »

The 100 Season 4 Cast Revealed Lots Of New Spoilers At Comic-Con Panel,New Clips


The 100 season 4 cast revealed lots of new spoilers at Comic-Con panel,new clips. At the end of last month, some of The 100 season 4 cast showed up at the big 2016 Comic-Con event out in San Diego,CA to deliver their Q&A panel session. And we’ve got some video footage (below) from that session for you guys.

In the clip, Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Chris Larkin, Richard Harmon & Jason Rothenburg were all on hand to participate in the Q&A panel. At one point, Eliza Taylor revealed that her Clarke character Click Here to Continue Reading »

New 100 Season 4 Spoiler Teasers Dished By The Cast & TV Line,New Clip


New 100 season 4 spoiler teasers dished by the cast & TV Line,new clip. Recently, TV Line got to chat up some of the cast of CW’s hit drama, “The 100,” when they showed up at the big 2016 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA. We’ve got some video footage for you guys, below.

In the clip, Eliza Taylor commented about her Clarke character. She thinks Clarke will find love again in her life at some point. Lindsey Morgan said her Raven character is going to get an upgrade. She will be stronger, and she’s interested Click Here to Continue Reading »

Devious Maids Season 4,Finale Episode 10 Two New Spoiler Sneak Peek Clips Released


Devious Maids season 4,finale episode 10 two new spoiler clips released. Recently, Lifetime delivered these 2, new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “Devious Maids” season finale episode 10 of season 4, and they look very interesting and quite dramatic as Rosie, Carmen, Marisol and company are spotted talking about who Perry’s killer might be.

They come to the conclusion that it could be Hugh, which prompts Carmen to call Dani in a frantic attempt to try and warn her because she has a date to meet up with him! Check it out, below. The episode is called, “Grime and Punishment.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Suicide Squad 2 Movie Is Happening,Might Be Rated R & More

New Suicide Squad 2 movie is happening,might be rated R & more. According to a recent report from idigitaltimes, the new Suicide Squad 2 movie has been greenlit, and Will Smith aka Deadshot and director, David Ayer, are already set to return.

They’re reportedly scheduled to start filming the thing in 2017 sometime. There’s not many details out for the sequel right now.

I’ve read some other news articles where David Ayer might Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Suicide Squad Movie Got Mixed Reviews From Top Critics

suicide squad movie poster image

New Suicide Squad movie got mixed reviews from top critics. Warner Bros. Pictures released their new super hero/action flick, “Suicide Squad,” into theaters today, August 5th, 2016, and all the reviews are in from the top movie critics.

It turns out that it got some overall mixed responses from them with an overall 41 score out of a possible 100 score across 51 critic reviews at

The movie stars: Will Smith, Jay Hernandez, Jared Leto, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Viola Davis, Adam Beach, Common , Ike Barinholtz, Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Scott Eastwood, Cara Delevingne and Raymond Olubowale. We’ve included comments Click Here to Continue Reading »

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