Just seven weeks after its second season debut, ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” has been canceled, reports series executive producer Bryan Fuller. I’m extremely disappointed by this news as “Daisies” had become my favorite new show from last season for its Roald Dahl-like stories and Tim Burton-esque settings.

Fuller is taking it better than I am, as he told E!:

“To be honest,” Fuller tells me, “I’m really not feeling very boo-hoo about it. I am so proud of the show. We put together 22 really good episodes, and there is a lot to be proud of. I’m sure I’ll be working with a lot of these people again, and I would love to do so.”

E! also caught up with Daisies’ Olive Snook, played by Kristin Chenow, just after she had heard the news:

“I just found out about an hour ago,” she said. “Pushing Daisies will probably forever be one of my most happiest times of my career. I loved being a part of that show, such quality, and I’m very sad.”

As for all the storylines that will be left hanging, Kristin says, “We don’t really have a closure. It’s going to leave a lot of our friends wondering.” So would she do a movie? “I hope [Bryan Fuller] does it, because there’s nothing like his mind. I often ask him if his brains hurt because there are so many ideas inside of his head. I would love to do a movie.”

I think I’m most disappointed that the series won’t have the chance to nicely wrap things up. There were 13 episodes ordered which will all air, but there won’t by an additional finale material created. I had been hoping for some sort of magical resolution to Chuck and Ned’s (Chuck is a girl, for the uninitiated) predicament of no touching alas she’d go back to being dead. Sigh. I think I’ll go wallow in some pie.

Source: E!

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