Son of a… It looks like “Reaper” is now dead in the water after being dropped on its head by the same people that helped bring it to life. THR is reporting that Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, the creators and executive producers behind “Reaper,” have just signed a new deal with 20th Century Fox which requires them to leave their current work on “Reaper” at ABC Studios:

Under the seven-figure pact, the duo will join a 20th TV series and develop projects for the studio.

Fazekas and Butters’ exclusive deal with 20th TV effectively seals the fate of their bubble CW series as it calls for them to leave “Reaper,” produced by ABC Studios, where the two had been based.

Under their overall deal at ABC Studios, Fazekas and Butters created “Reaper,” whose pilot, directed by Kevin Smith, was one of the best-received last season.

That is really disappointing. Could “Reaper” carry on without its executive producers? Sure, it could, but considering how the series is already struggling in ratings this could easily be the nail in its coffin.

I’ll update when word comes in officially on the fate of the series, but when I talked with Tyler Labine, one of the “Reaper” stars, he felt they would know right around now so this really isn’t going to help the network’s decision. Keep your fingers crossed.

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