I love “True Blood.” And I’ve loved this season of “True Blood.” There was never a dull moment. Until the season finale Sunday night.

The episode started with the ritual/orgy where Maryann (Michelle Forbes) was about to offer up shapeshifter Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) to the God who comes. Bill (Stephen Moyer) saves the day while Sookie (Anna Paquin) screams a lot and acts stupid. The town is then released from Maryann’s spell and everything goes back to normal. Way too quickly. Except for the part where Eggs goes crazy and has to be taken out. But who really cares about Eggs? He was a pointless character and a terrible actor.

So that season-long storyline was wrapped up and I was certain I’d be treated to a nice juicy mystery setting up next season. Nope. All we got was Sam going on the hunt to find his birth parents (who cares?) and Bill getting kidnapped after he proposed to Sookie. Gee, I wonder who would be behind the kidnapping of Bill? Oh, wait, I bet it’s Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). You know, since he said earlier in the episode that he’d “take care of Bill Compton.” Speaking of Eric, he was barely in the episode. They should know by now Eric is who everyone wants to see. And how pointless was the Vampire Queen (Evan Rachel Wood)?

I just expected more. I wanted something serious to happen. I wanted a huge cliffhanger. I wanted werewolves. Or something.

I give the season an A- and the season finale a D+.

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