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We refuse to run a photo of mustached Mercury (at left) next to Cohen as Borat.

It’s been suggested and rumored many times before, but now it’s being confirmed. Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat”) will play Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury in a biopic.

Ironically, Peter Morgan, who wrote “The Queen” (ha!) will apparently be writing the script. Reports say the movie will focus on Queen’s formative years up until their Live Aid appearance in 1985. The movie, as of now, will not touch on Mercury’s 1991 AIDS-related death.

No word on whether Cohen is capable of actually singing. Especially like Mercury. But there has already been rights granted to use some of Queen’s greatest hits. This could be good. Mercury was such an amazing talent. His stage presence alone could’ve made him a star. Cohen has a tough job ahead of him and if it’s done right, could be Oscar-worthy.

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