Perhaps Scarlett Johansson should stay in front of the cameras rather than getting behind them.

As part of a 12-piece anthology, “New York, I Love You,” Scarlett Johansson had the opportunity to direct Kevin Bacon as a compulsive-obsessive man who can only find peace once he reaches Coney Island and buys himself a hotdog. Um, okay. Unfortunately for Johansson, and possibly fortunately for Bacon, her contribution to the film has been cut due to mixed reviews.

The segment, shot entirely in black and white and supported by very little dialogue, is receiving conflicting reports on just why it was cut:

The film’s producer, Emmanuel Benbihy, said her segment was slashed because: ‘The story did not specifically involve an interpersonal relationship, and it was conceptualised to be filmed in black and white – both of which were extreme departures from the other films.’

Okay, that sounds very politically correct. Now for an “anonymous source”:

Her episode, shot in black and white and starring Kevin Bacon, was ‘unwatchable,’ sources told the New York Post.

‘It was really bad, so it was cut,’ said one source.

EW is backing up the producer’s story with an “insider source” that claims it was “not a bad piece at all.” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see once the DVD version is released which will hold Scarlett’s directorial debut as a bonus feature.


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