You probably won’t recognize “Scrubs” when it returns next season on ABC. Yes, that’s right, returns. The show that keeps getting cancelled and keeps coming back like the bad guy in teen slasher is at it again. This time around though the story will shift from the hospital to the classroom as it loses Zach Braff:

When the show returns next winter, the action will shift from the hospital to the classroom and make med-school professors of John C. McGinley’s Dr. Cox and Donald Faison’s Turk.

“It’ll be a lot like Paper Chase as a comedy,” [Bill] Lawrence tells me. “It’s going to be a different show. It’ll still be life-and-death stakes, but if the show is just Scrubs again in the hospital with a different person’s voiceover, it would be a disaster and people would be mad.”

Zach Braff has agreed to return as a guest star from time to time, so that’ll help with the continuity, but can “Scrubs” survive when it isn’t “Scrubs?” Sure, why not? Turk’s character will be odd without J.D.’s to complement him, but Dr. Cox has always been my favorite anyway.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this comes together in the winter. What about you?

Source: EW

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