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So You Think You Can Dance 2016 Kida Burns won the whole thing tonight,September 12th. Tonight’s live finale show, kicked off with the top 10 dancers and All-Stars doing a group performance that was choreographed by Christopher Scott and Jamal Sims. The judges on hand were: Nigel, Paula Abdul, Maddie, and Jason.

The night consisted of a lot of performances, starting with Kida and Fik-Shun to “I Can Make Ya.” Sheaden and Marko danced to “Treasure.” JT performed his solo to “Feeling Good.” Tate and Jonathan performed a Salsa routine.

Jordan and Sasha danced to “The Light That Never Fails.” Jake and Jenna performed to “Ain’t Your Mama.” Tate performed his solo to “Trophy.” Emma and Gaby served up a routine to “Salute.”

Kida, Fik-Shun, Marko, Tahani, Comfort, and Sheaden danced to Choreo by Luther Brown. Emma performed to “Expensive.” Tate and Katherine danced to “This Gift.” The Top 10 and Maddie delivered a routine to “Small” choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Kida did her solo to Boogie Bruthaz- Fingazz. JT and Robert performed to “Mr Bojangles.” Jake, Daniela, Ruby, Jenna, Jonathan, Paul performed a great ballroom number.

At this point, they revealed that Emma landed in 4th place, leaving Kida, JT, and Tate as the final 3. From there, the performances started back up with Tahani and Comfort dancing to “Pep Rally.” Ruby and Paul danced an Argentine Tango to “Malevo.”

The All Stars did a jungle gym number to ” Feathery.” Kida performed “The Buzz” routine. Emma, Gaby, Jordan, Sasha, JT, Robert, Tate, Katherine
and Emma delivered a contemporary dance.

Daniela and Jonathan danced to ” Marchina.” Ruby and Paul performed to “Muchacho.” Tahani and Comfort danced the “father left” routine to “I’m Going Down.”

Emma performed to “We Will Rock You.” Next, they revealed that Tate landed in 3rd place, leaving us with JT and Kida as the final 2. Then Tate and Kida danced the turnip father number to “Manolo.” JT danced to “Stand In The Light” to wrap up all the performances.

After that, they finally revealed that Kida won the whole damn thing, leaving JT as the 2nd place finisher or runner up. So, much congrats to Kida and we’ll see you guys next summer. Stay tuned.

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