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Supernatural season 12 bringing back Aaron Bass to help fight hitler,new spoiler. According to a new report from TV Line, the Supernatural season 12 folks have hired actor, Adam Rose (left), to come back and reprise his role as Aaron Bass. And he will be helping Dean and Sam do some battling against Hitler at some point.

Aaron’s first appearance in season 12, is set for the 5th episode. It wasn’t revealed how many episodes he will appear in. For right now, it sounds like we’ll just see him in episode 5. Showrunner, Andrew Dabb, told them that we’re also going to see the return of the Thule Society, and they will want to “enact their master plan and bring back Hitler.

Sam and Dean are going to fight Hitler, and that’s opening up some interesting doors for us in terms of just doing some more crazy stuff.”

The last time we saw Aaron Bass in action, was way back in a season 8 episode, titled, “Everybody Hates Hitler,” as the grandson of a member of the Judah Initiative, which is a secret group of rabbis formed to fight the Thule Society.

Also as previously reported, we’re going to see Dean and Sam’s dead mother come back on the scene, somehow, and play a very integral role, so that’s should be quite interesting. The new season 12 is set to debut on Thursday night, October 13th 8pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.

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