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Survivor 31 Jeremy Collins won the whole show tonight,December 16th. Tonight’s finale show, started off with some conversation footage and a recap of the entire season. Kimmi said, she was looking to join Keith and Kelley in a scheme to blindside her allies.

Then they showed immunity challenge footage. It turned out to be another obstacle course and puzzle. Spencer won it for immunity as he’s great at these puzzle challenges.

Jeremy’s name was immediately mentioned for elimination, along with Kimmi and Keith. Then there was a lot of back and forth conversations about splitting the votes. At tribal council, everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes.

Kelly and Jeremy decided to play their immunity idols, so no votes against them counted. Jeremy ended up receiving 3 votes and Kelly received 3 votes. Again, none of their votes counted. So, for the first time in Survivor history, they had a scenario where no one was voted out.

They had to re-vote. However, they could only vote for either Kimmi, Keith, or Tasha this time around. Kimmi received 3 votes and Tasha received 3 votes, causing another tie situation. So, Kelly, Keith, Spencer, and Jeremy eventually just had to make a unanimous vote to get rid of Kimmi in one of the wildest tribal councils ever!

Next, they immediately showed another immunity challenge. It turned out to be another obstacle and puzzle challenge, which came down to Keith and Kelly, and Kelly pulled it out for the win.

Then we saw Kelly come up with a fake immunity idol plot for Keith in an attempt to keep him in the game. Keith’s name was mentioned for elimination, along with Spencer. At tribal council, everyone talked game for a bit before submitting their votes. Spencer received 2 votes and Keith received 3 votes. So, with 3 votes, Keith had to finally get the hell out of there.

From there, they immediately showed us the final immunity challenge of the season. In it, they had to drop balls down a swirling maze and catch them at the exit point, continuously adding more balls to the maze to up the level of difficulty. If they dropped a ball, they were out. They also had to pull it off with one arm tied behind their back. It came down to Jeremy and Spencer, and Jeremy won it to lock in his final 3 spot!

After that, we saw Kelly putting in a lot of work with Jeremy in an effort to convince him that he needed to take her to final 3 instead of Spencer. At tribal council, everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Spencer and Kelly went at each other. Spencer delivered a very compelling speech that he would do everything to make sure Kelly won if Jeremy decided to pick her over him. Then Kelly ended up receiving 3 votes and Spencer received only 1 vote.

So, with 3 votes, poor Kelly got the shaft, leaving Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha as the final 3! It looks like Spencer’s speech did do some damage there.

Shortly after that, we saw Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha answer tough questions served up by the jury and deliver their final plea speech before the jury made their final vote. After the voting, they jumped to the live show, tonight, where host Jeff Probst, read off the votes. And the first 6 votes went right to Jeremy, revealing that he was indeed the winner. Later, Jeff revealed that Jeremy actually got all the votes. So, wow!!!

Congrats to Jeremy for the $1 million grand prize win and bragging rights. Season 32 is set to air in February 2016. The cast and spoilers are already revealed right here. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Google Plus by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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