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Survivor 33 eliminated Lucy Huang tonight, October 12th. Tonight’s episode, kicked off with more conversation footage. Chris and Bret of the Gen X tribe were pissed that the girls pulled a fast one on them and voted out Paul at the last tribal council. Lucy and Sunday said they regretted voting Paul out.

Lucy served up an apology to Bret and Chris in an effort to mend things, and threw Jessica under the bus, saying it was all her idea. Then Lucy suggested they get Jessica out next.

At the Millennials camp, Adam went searching for the hidden immunity idol, and ended up finding it! Next, they showed Rewards Challenge footage. It was a ring collection challenge that involved them racing out into the water to get them, and then racing back to touch their pole for a point. The first tribe to get 3 points, won. The Millennials won it for a prize that consisted of yummy steaks, veggies, seasoning and a grill.

Next, they showed more conversation footage. Lucy started campaigning to get Jessica out. However, Ken didn’t like how Lucy started serving out orders just like Jessica. After that, they showed immunity challenge footage.

They had to collect puzzle pieces and put it together for the win. And the Millennials won that one too to claim immunity for a consecutive time, leaving the Gen X folks to have to decide the fate of another one of their peeps.

After that, more conversation footage took place. Lucy was continuing to heavily campaign to get Jessica out. Then Ken went and told Jessica what Lucy was planning and suggested to vote out Lucy. Jessica was stunned and went and told Lucy what Ken told her, totally blowing up everyone’s plans for the tribal council. Everything just seemed to be in disarray just before tribal council.

Next, they showed tribal council footage. Everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes. For some weird ass reason, David decided to give his hidden immunity idol to Jessica, so any votes against her, didn’t count.

Then Jessica ended up getting 5 votes, Lucy got 2 votes and CeCe got 1 vote. So, David’s idol definitely saved Jessica as she would’ve went home with those whopping 5 votes. However, instead, poor Lucy had to take the shaft with the 2 votes she got. Stay tuned.

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