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Survivor 33 eliminated Paul Wachter tonight,October 5th. Tonight’s episode, kicked off with some more conversation footage. Adam and Zeke revealed that they were shocked at how the vote turned out at the last tribal council. Hanna tried to tell them why she voted the way she did, but they weren’t interested in talking at that point.

Ken revealed that he’s currently annoyed with Paul, because he keeps saying he’ll do something and never does.

At one point, Dave offered to align with Taylor. Ken told Jessica he wanted to get Paul out, but Jessica told the private cams that she wanted to stick with her alliance of six, which included Paul. At the Millennials camp, Zeke’s name came up as a possible elimination target. Adam mentioned that Figgy or Taylor need to get ousted.

Next, they showed the immunity challenge footage. It consisted of going through water, balancing on a beam, coconut throwing and a putting another one of those damn puzzles together. The Millennials finished it first to win the immunity prize, leaving the Gen X folks having to vote off another member of their tribe.

During more conversation footage, CeCe’s name immediately came up for elimination. Meanwhile, David started to campaign to get Paul out, claiming other connections could be formed if that were to happen. Then we saw Jessica and the girls start thinking it was a good idea to get Paul out too, heading into tribal council.

Next, they showed tribal council footage where they talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Paul ended up getting 5 votes and CeCe got 3 votes. So, with 5 whopping votes, Paul got the major blindside shaft with a very shocked look on his face to ice it all off. Stay tuned.

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