New Survivor season 33 definitely happening,new spoiler rumors already revealed. Hey, “Survivor” fans. We’re very happy to inform you that there was never any doubt that your longtime running, favorite show was never in any danger of not getting renewed for a new season 33. In fact, we’ve already got some rumored spoilers flying around about season 33.

According to Inside Survivor, season 33 will take place in Fiji, and filming has already begun as of April 2016. It’s going to feature all new players again. As of right now, the theme of season 33, remains a mystery.

However, there were reported rumors that the theme may feature an East vs West vs South. But nothing has been officially confirmed, and the site says that they’ve been notified the East vs West vs South idea will not be the theme, so who the hell knows?

Here’s what we can tell you in absolute certainty. The show will debuting season 33 in late September or early October 2016 like it always does for the Fall edition, so bust out the champaign bottles, and stay tuned!

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