russell hanz

Survivor’s Russell Hantz said all of nephew Brandon’s game sucked in season 23. Last night the 23rd season of survivor wrapped up with quite a bang from former,2 time finalist Russell Hantz because he totally went off on his nephew Brandon Hantz,who put on quite a crying fest during the season,but appeared to put the tears behind him towards the end.

Jeff Probst gave Russell 30 seconds to comment on Brandon’s game play at the live show,and he really let it all fly out,saying, Brandon did everything wrong. Nothing he did was right. If that wasn’t enough, he went on to comment about how Brandon wanted to change the perception of the Hantz family name. Russell said,how do you do that? I brought greatness to the game. That doesn’t even make sense to me,proving that he was still as arrogant as ever. After that ,Jeff took the mic back.

Then Brandon spoke,and said, it’s fine. He kept a good attitude about it,saying he still has a wife and kids that love him. Apparently,most of his family are upset with his game play,and Russell was the only family member to show up at the live finale show. Oh well. Anyways, Survivor 24 is scheduled to debut on February 15th. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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