February 25, 2009

Michael Cera Finally Agrees To ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Movie

Finally. Hopefully at least. Word has it that Michael Cera has finally given in and agreed to return as George Michael for the Ron Howard helmed tv-to-film movie “Arrested Development”. Inside sources close to the negotiations of the upcoming Arrested Development movie tell me that Superbad and Juno star (and before that, hello, George-Michael Bluth!) […]

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January 15, 2009

Arrested Development Movie Still Waiting On Michael Cera

Stop playing with my heart, Arrested Development! One day we hear, “it’s a go!” The next we hear, “we’re still waiting on Michael Cera.” Now we’re getting both of those messages at the same time. “For once and for all, the Arrested Development movie is happening!” Will Arnett tells us today. Not so fast. Jason […]

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