June 25, 2016

Arrow Season 5 Bringing Back Faux Canary Character With New Abilities,New Spoiler

arrow evelyn crawford image

Arrow Season 5 bringing back Faux Canary character with new abilities,new spoiler. According to a new report from TV Line, the Arrow season 5 peeps are set to bring back actress, Madison McLaughlin, to reprise her Evelyn Crawford aka Faux Canary role. However, she will be serving up some new abilities as a super hero archer that goes by the name of Artemis.

In the DC Comics, Artemis was the daughter of villains Sportsmaster and Huntress, though she was eventually taken under Green Arrow’s wing after his sidekick Speedy left.

The Evelyn Crawford character had previously shown up in the first episode after poor Laurel’s death. At that time, Evelyn was aspiring to be a vigilante.

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June 18, 2016

New Arrow Season 5 Bringing On A New Shady Attorney For Action,New Spoiler

josh segarra image

New Arrow season 5 bringing on a new Shady Attorney for action,new spoiler. According to a new report from TV Line, the Arrow season 5 peeps have decided to hire actor, Josh Segarra (left), to come on and play a recurring character, named Adrian Chase.

He’s going to be an ally of Mayor Oliver Queen. However, he sounds like he could be a little shady as he has a tendency to turn on people very unexpectedly.

Adrian is a district attorney that will try to clean up the streets by way of the legal system, and is described as being “irrepressibly charming and on a mission. He will be trying to to avenge a tragic, violent loss from his own, years-ago past.

He is someone who could just as easily shake your hand as your best friend or break your neck as your worst enemy, and you never know which one is coming. Either way, he’s more than capable of having a good time as he does it.”

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June 4, 2016

New Arrow Season 5 Initial Spoiler Teasers Revealed By The Producer

New Arrow season 5 initial spoiler teasers revealed by the producer. Recently, the TV Line folks got to chat up Arrow executive producer, Wendy Mericle, and she shed out a couple of initial season 5 spoilery scoops to tide us over for, at least, a little while.

It turns out that a new cocksure/reckless ex-Marine turned vigilante character is going to show up on the scene at some point and be a recurring fixture on the show. As for Oliver, we’re going to see some very revealing flashbacks that might reveal how he “got that Bratva tattoo and how he learned to speak Russian.”

Wendy also told them: “When Oliver says, ‘No one can know my secret’ and he kills that guy in the pilot, we’re going to get some insight into that.”

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May 25, 2016

New Arrow Season 5 Confirmed,New Spoiler Teasers Already Revealed

New Arrow season 5 confirmed,new spoiler teasers already revealed. Hey, “Arrow” fans. It is with great pleasure that we can officially tell you that The CW did indeed renew your favorite show and in quick fashion.

According to TV Line, the renewal for Arrow, came way back in early March 2016, along with the renewal of a ton of their other shows: The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, The 100, Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Reign.

We’ve also got some initial Arrow season 5 spoiler teasers to share with you guys. It turns out that we’re going to see some major flashback action at some point, which will reveal how Oliver got that Bratva tattoo and how he learned to speak Russian.

Additionally, we’re hearing that Colton Hayne’s Arsenal is due to show back up on the scene, and that the next big bad will not have superpowers.

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