May 27, 2010

Justin Bieber and Aziz Ansari Take On The Hurt Locker

Swoopy-haired Justin Bieber has absolutely nothing to do with movies, but he is still appearing in a promo for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards with host Aziz Ansari and actor Jeremy Renner which features the two of them taking in a 4-D version of The Hurt Locker. “That’s Justin Bieber, bro! People don’t talk back […]

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March 11, 2009

PARKS AND RECREATION: Leslie Knope Welcomes You To Pawnee Indiana

There’s just a few more weeks until the Amy Poehler led comedy, “Parks and Recreation,” hits NBC‘s airwaves. I’m really looking forward to this new series and maybe even more so for Aziz Ansari’s supporting role than Poehler’s (though she’s still great). To help get you ramped up for the new series Pawnee, Indiana’s Director […]

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