August 28, 2016

New Empire Season 3 Cookie Spoilers Revealed By The Producer

cookie on empire image

New Empire season 3 Cookie spoilers revealed by the producer. Recently, TV Line dished out some new spoilers for the upcoming “Empire” season 3 in regards to Cookie and a new character, named Angelo Dubois, that’s arriving on the scene, played by actor , Taye Diggs.

It turns out that his character is going to really be into Cookie, and that it may end up being a reason that Cookie tries to move on from Lucious.

These spoilers were revealed by executive producer, Ilene Chaiken, at the recent 2016 Television Critics Association summer press tour. She stated: “His story is all about Cookie. It starts as a Jamal story and then intersects with Cookie.”

When asked if Angelo is going to be a new love interest for Cookie, she replied with: “He certainly would like to be.”

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August 27, 2016

New Empire Season 3 Spoiler Trailer Clip Released


New Empire season 3 spoiler trailer clip released. Recently, FOX dropped this new spoiler trailer (below) for their upcoming “Empire” season 3, and it looks very drama-filled, super intense and quite lively as new performances are spotted going down. Vicious threats are made. Guns get pulled! Fists get thrown, and more! The trailer is titled, “Kill Or Be Killed.”

In the new clip, some major drama is spotted going down as someone threatens to come after the whole Lion family. In one scene ,we see guns getting pulled. The clip also features new musical performances.

Singing legend , Mariah Carey, is spotted in one of the scenes, so that storyline should be interesting. Cookie is seen fighting back, saying they’ll fight fire with fire! There’s also a major fight scene that breaks out, and more! Check it out, below.

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