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Days Of Our Lives 2016 Shawn Brady character to stay a while after all,new details. According to a new report from daytimeconfidential and their sources, it’s been revealed that the Shawn Douglas Brady actor, Brandon Beemer, is going to be sticking around quite some time after plans to have him exit early, got squashed due to some contract issues.

Apparently, back in March 2016, it was reported that Brandon actually got handed his walking papers. However, co-head writer, Dena Higley, didn’t know, at the time, that Brandon had just started his contract, meaning they would have to pay him out for 26 weeks whether he worked or not! So, they definitely decided to bring him back to get their money’s worth out of him.

Their source told them: ” They made a mistake with Brandon. They tried to fire him when he was just a few days into a new cycle.

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