September 7, 2009

Update on two ‘Children of the Corn’ remakes

I know the original “Children of the Corn” was bad, but do we really need two remakes to make up for it? Not only is SyFy (still can’t get over what a dumb re-name that was) airing a TV-movie version of “Children of the Corn,” Dimension has announced a theatrical remake already equipped with a […]

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July 20, 2009

‘Orphan’ inspires favorite creepy-kid movies list

The controversial “Orphan” opens in theaters this week and the only thing more shocking than a little girl named Esther is the fact that there were no reviews for it on OK, that’s not shocking. Potentially bad movies are rarely screened. InĀ  honor of the latest creepy kid flick, I’ve assembled the top three […]

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