March 30, 2009

Harold Ramis Reveals GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Details

“Ghostbusters 3” has a lot of potential. The franchise is rich in fans and awesome storylines and not something that should be tossed around lightly. So it makes me glad to hear that Judd Apatow is definitely on as the producer as confirmed by “Ghostbusters” co-creator Harold Ramis. Ramis spoke with MTV and gave some […]

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March 20, 2009

YEAR ONE Trailer – So Much Better

Now this is the trailer they should have worked into their Super Bowl spot last month. “Year One” is the latest comedy from Harold Ramis and features Jack Black and Michael Cera as two mean from long, long ago and their wacky adventures. Sounds kinda goofy, but the cast is filled with everyone you’d want […]

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