Robert Pattinson’s Family reportedly likes FKA Twigs way better than Kristen Stewart. According to a recent report from Hollywood Life and their sources, former Twilight Saga main dude, Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend, FKA Twigs (left) has set a very good impression on his family as they think she’s just fabulous and a way better catch than his former Twilight Saga beauty, Kristen Stewart!

Their source claims: “Rob’s family absolutely adores FKA twigs. His sisters have never seen him happier. Both Lizzy and Victoria totally approve of FKA twigs because they know how dedicated and committed she is to their brother. They love how easy going she is and how she really brings out the best in Rob. He’s never been so at peace and just blissful.”

Their source went on to claim: “They’ve never seen him more in love, not even with Kristen. Lizzy has a strong connection with FKA twigs because they’re both singers. What’s impressive to Rob’s sisters is that FKA twigs is interested in them and getting to know them.

She’s very engaging with them and Rob’s parents, whereas Kristen was more reserved and closed off. They feel like FKA twigs has pure intentions and that her affection for Rob comes from the heart. They don’t have any fears of her using Rob because of his fame or anything like that.

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