September 29, 2008

McG Lied About Cameron’s Blessing On Terminator 4

Sure, there’s be plenty of concern over McG (“Charlie’s Angels”) being handed the reins of “Terminator Salvation” (T4), but when he told us that James Cameron had given him his blessing that eased the pain just a little. Finding out that was a complete lie? Well, that makes it rather upsetting. Q. Are you involved […]

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August 6, 2008

Terminator 4 Confuses The Arnold

Terminator Salvation footage was premiered at Comic-Con to an excellent reception by audiences. The original Terminator has been such a fan, not yet at least. Producers gave Schwarzenegger a private screening, which I would presume to be an attempt to secure his cameo because why else would they do it, but his take-away wasn’t glowing: […]

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