I had the pleasure of stumbling upon the teaser trailer for “The Attic Door” and I’m not sure what I saw, but it scared me. I think that was the point. So point taken.

According to the movie’s Web site, “The Attic Door” is about two abandoned pioneer siblings who must confront their greatest fear in a haunting and romantic story about growing up.

As if being abandoned without parents in a house with a possibly haunted attic isn’t scary enough, add in the fact that it’s set during Pioneer times. Everything  in that period just seems scarier. Anything before 1900 scares me. Heck, “The Little House on the Prairie” even scares me.

I’m definitely adding this to my list of future must-sees.

This is writer/director Danny Daneau‘s first feature length film. There are no release dates available at this time.

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