“The Walking Dead,” Season 1, Episode 5: “Wildfire”

After last week’s attack on the camp, the survivors are starting to clean up and regroup. Rick, using his CB radio, has warned Morgan (from episode 1) to avoid Atlanta. And Andrea is watching guard over her dead sister Amy.

The survivors are trying to destroy the campers killed in the attack because it’s inevitable that they’ll become zombies. Andrea, however, is holding out with her sister. She even pulls a gun on Rick (for the second time, mind you). For some reason, that action really made me mad. So mad that I thought they should just kill her too. I can’t believe I actually agreed with resident redneck Darryl. But I did. Andrea has done nothing but piss me off since the beginning. I’m wondering since her character has no redeeming qualities if she’ll end up dead before the end of next week’s season finale.

Amy finally wakes up as a zombie. It turns out Andrea was just waiting on that moment so she could apologize for being a crappy sister. Andrea realizes Amy is hungry and shoots her in the head. What a terrible task that had to be. This show really goes places we’ve never been.

Just as things have quieted down, we find out Jim, the prophet from last week, has a secret. He was bitten by a walker. He’s getting sick fast. Darryl, of course, suggests pickaxing him in the head then and there. But Rick decides it’s time to leave camp and head for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. There could be hope for Jim and the rest of them there.

So the campers pack up and hit the road. Rick sends Morgan the message that they’re leaving the camp. But we still don’t know if Morgan is even hearing it. On the road Jim’s condition worsens and he asks to be left behind. The others grant him is wish, prop him up against a tree and take off.

Elsewhere we see a new face. A man is talking to a monitor. “It’s day 194 since Wildfire was declared,” he says. “There is no clinical progress to report.” That’s Dr. Jenner, the lone survivor at the CDC. He’s still working on a cure for the outbreak (Wildfire), which (I think) we learn is called TS-19.

Dr. Jenner then makes a mistake, contaminates his work which self destructs, thus destroying any chances of finding a cure. Then the survivors show up. He spots them on a monitor and debates on whether he should let them in. As walkers approach, Rick pleads and begs for someone to let them in. Dr. Jenner finally does.

Next week is the season finale. What do you think or hope will happen?

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