I’m not getting into doing movie reviews here on Hollywood Hills, but I wanted to put out a quick recommendation for this weekend’s new release “Tropic Thunder”. Set as a movie within a movie this action comedy is very entertaining as it powers through its 1hr 47mins. The leading cast does an awesome job as part of a much larger ensemble where there are more cameos than you could possibly count.

Standing out from his peers is Robert Downey Jr.’s role as “the dude disguised as another dude pretending to be another dude”. I think I got that right. RDJ is on fire this year and steals every scene he’s in. Ben Stiller plays pretty much the same guy he does in every movie, but that’s okay, he does it well again here. Jack Black is surprisingly in his most reserved character and entertains without being over the top annoying.

I mentioned the cameos are limitless and very entertaining, but out of all of them the prize goes to Tom Cruise. Watch for him to fill the screen with promises that his career isn’t over just yet. I have to imagine Cruise took great personal pleasure in lampooning the very executives that have made his past few years so difficult (not that he wasn’t greasing the rails on that train himself).

This R-rated comedy won’t be for everyone. It’s foul mouthed with more F-bombs dropped than I can remember in recent years. When they aren’t shouting expletives there’s plenty of violence and shooting to make up for it. But again, it’s R-rated.

Overall, this was a great film that delivers in all the ways it should. Ignore the boycott press. Stiller was right, they’re missing the point about “Simple Jack”. So if you don’t mind crude and are looking for some top performances with a fun story this weekend then “Tropic Thunder” is for you.

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