Pictured: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristen Bell, Betty White. Credit: Disney

It seems like I cannot turn my head lately without seeing Betty White! Not that I’m complaining – and not that you should either. In fact, I’m excited about it, because Rose has always been my favorite Golden Girl. Make sure you tune in to Saturday Night Live this weekend (May 8, 2010 on NBC) to see her host!

But having Betty on board of the new movie You Again isn’t the only reason to check it out. Oh no, there are about…a million more I could easily list off. For one, it is also starring the gorgeous (read: perfect) Kristen Bell along with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristin Chenoweth, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman and Victor Garber (who you have to give credit to for dealing with all those chicks!).

But that’s enough name dropping. The story is this: Marni (Kristen Bell) finds out that her brother is marrying her arch enemy from high school – oh girls, you know the one. The one that knocked you down every time you felt just a little up? In You Again she is played by Cloverfield hottie Odette Yustman as Joanna. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, Marni’s mom (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) finds out that Joanna’s aunt? Is none other than her OWN high school nemesis (Sigourney Weaver). Will wonders never cease? It looks like a full on cat fight comedy is what you can expect from this flick, and it seems to be hilarious without all the sugar-soaked romance that goes along with most female-heavy comedies. Check out the preview below:

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