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Young And The Restless 2016 getting sued by former Drucilla actress Victoria Rowell. According to a recent report from soapcentral, Victoria Rowell (left), who formerly played the Drucilla Winters character on CBS’ “The Young And The Restless” soap opera, has gotten permission from a California judge to pursue her amended lawsuit against CBS, Y&R and Sony, alleging that she was treated unfairly when trying to audition for another soap that CBS owns: “Days Of Our Lives.”

Previously, her lawsuit was dismissed in November 2015, but Victoria was allowed to amend her lawsuit, which now claims that her name was purposely left off the audition list for a Days role she was going after.

Sony tried to say that an actor expressing interest in a role is not the same thing as formally applying for a role. The judge disagreed with Sony’s position on that. Also, it turns out that Victoria has been complaining about being mistreated by the show for many years when she wasn’t nominated for Emmys and silly shit like that.

CBS released a statement on this new, amended lawsuit that Victoria has gotten through the court system, saying: “We were disappointed to learn that, after leaving the cast of The Young and the Restless on her own initiative, Ms. Rowell has attempted to rewrite that history through lawyers’ letters and a lawsuit that has no merit. We harbor no ill will toward Ms. Rowell, but we will vigorously defend this case.” Stay tuned.

Update 6/28: The court has ruled in CBS’s favor. A CBS spokesperson provided the following update: “We felt that this case was completely without merit from the beginning and we are pleased with the court’s ruling in our favor today.”

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